Tuesday, 2 July 2013

pick and choose

Weeds are speedy little things aren’t they? As thrilled as I am with our glamourized garden, the joy is being dampened slightly in recent days. I am slowly realising that although the plants are blooming, daubing the ground with colour, uninvited foliage is also sprouting at an alarming rate. I had somewhat neglected this part of gardening before, I much prefer a world where things stay as you left them. When we had finished it was perfectly pretty, and whilst I had accepted that the colour was seasonal, I hadn’t factored in that it would soon be covered up by weeds unless I fought them off regularly. I have rather got the bug though, and look forward to venturing out, trowel in hand, to restore order amongst the florae. It won’t be this evening though, as the skies are busy helping me out, kindly doing the watering on my behalf.

Injuries abound. In the last 48 hours I have elbowed a wall, right on the corner (the fact that I am a builder’s granddaughter made me look this up, the proper term is the arris, according to the wonderful world of Wikipedia), I have trapped my finger between two doors, and I have taken a chunk out of my thumb on the corner (arris?) of a door frame. Doors and corners appear to be causing me problems. I am bruised. All of these injuries hurt when I press on them. So I keep pressing on them, so I can say that it hurts, and therefore feel sorry for myself. I nearly caused injury number four a moment ago trying to walk with pins and needles. The Husband told me to hop and I couldn’t work out which way to do it so it didn’t hurt. Co-ordination has never been a strong point. My feet never seem quite able to catch up with my brain, and consequently my arms rebel and do their own thing.

I am acquiring a taste for bananas. They are another of my dislikes, purely textural, I find the flavour quite enjoyable. I froze some. This was a second attempt. The first two I recently popped into the freezer whole. Whole and still in the skin. I didn’t exactly think it through. I realised as I went to peel one that it had not been an entirely successful endeavour. I then tried to defrost them. The final product was thrown away. This time though I peeled and portioned my bananas. I had a few slices last night, it was like incredibly easy ice cream. Even more of a revelation came this morning. I have been a fan of cold oatmeal for a few weeks. I mix a normal portion of oats and milk cold, add fruit and leave in the fridge overnight. It’s a lovely summer breakfast. The other day I had apple and cinnamon. This morning’s banana and honey was delicious.

I’m currently sitting in our spare bedroom. We are waiting to get a quote for some study furniture. I’m hoping if we can get it done fairly soon that the spare bedroom will soon look something like a bedroom. At the moment it resembles a bizarre store room/library. My vantage point in the middle of the floor reveals a treasure trove of the weird and wonderful. An electronic drum kit I bought on ebay, and gave up on as soon as I realised The Husband was better than me. An alarm clock in the shape of R2D2. A plethora of books, CDs and computer games spilling off every shelf. A sleeping bag. A printer. A coin sorting jar that automatically calculates the value of the contents. Monopoly, trivial pursuit and cranium, all in different parts of the room. Two picnic rugs. I do not plan to store these things in our study, just that the process of moving the books will force us to sort through the associated detritus. I am fairly minimalist, The Husband is a hoarder. Although it may not sound it from that list, we tend to strike a happy balance. By which I mean I ask him to throw things out and he asks me to not look in the loft.

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