Tuesday, 7 January 2014

millie's monologue

Today was a good day. I was very excited because Mummy was at home all day. She had lots of books and papers out at the kitchen table, I kept trying to have a read of them but I got told to sit down instead. I had a great big beach towel to lie on, because my blanket is in the wash. It's quite comfy, but it is more fun to drag it around the kitchen and chew the edges. I pulled it next to Mummy and lay there chewing away. Then Mummy saw that I'd been chewing her favourite grey blanket that she had across her knees, and she looked a bit sad, but anything that touches the floor is fair game I think.

Later Mummy dropped her favourite Christmas decoration on the kitchen floor, the one her Grandad got her, and she looked sad about that too. Luckily, I didn't try and eat any of the pieces, so it might glue back together. Mummy looked like she was concentrating very hard on her reading so I had a little chat with her to try and take her mind off it. I kept licking her hand and bringing her my toys so she played with me and gave me lots of cuddles. Then Mummy put me out into the garden to play. I ran around with my ball, and my rope toy that has got very soggy in the rain. I had a sniff around the plum tree, and when Mummy came to get me I was having a good chew on the rose bush, perfect for getting right between the teeth.

This afternoon we went on a long walk to the park and back, across the farmer's fields. I decided to walk past all the neighbours' houses swinging off my lead by my mouth. It was great fun but Mummy said no. Even though I went in the garden before we went I decided to go to the toilet while we were out. It would be a shame for Mummy to carry those bags for nothing. I was inspired by my favourite cartoon, and so Mummy got to use two of her bags and some tissues as well. I tried to help wipe it up with my paws but Mummy didn't even say thank you. We saw some geese and ducks but I left them well alone, and there were a few other dogs around but I didn't bark at any today.

Whenever we come back from a walk we stop at Granny's house for a cuddle, but today Granny came home with us. She asked Mummy lots of questions out of all of the books on the table. I tried to help by eating the book, so there would be less questions to ask, but Granny said no so I played with my Bunny instead. Granny got me Bunny as a Christmas present. He did have a bean bag in his tummy that Mummy could heat up, and then I could cuddle it at night. Somehow I got the bean bag out on Christmas Day so that got put away, and Bunny has been getting lots of attention ever since. Two of his arms appear to have gone missing, I think Mummy found them on the floor and put them in the bin. When Daddy came in the other day all of the stuffing had somehow fallen out of his head, so that got put in the bin too. When nobody was looking today his head fell off altogether, he seems very accident prone to me.

I had my dinner and enjoyed it very much, I chased the bowl around the floor for a bit to make sure I'd got all of the bits out. Daddy was home from work late so I decided to wee on the floor while Mummy was making dinner. I thought she would like to have something to do to pass the time, but she didn't look too thrilled. By the time Daddy got home I had had a little nap by the kitchen door, snuggled in to what was left of Bunny. Just time for a bit more chewing before bed.


  1. Millie you are adorable. I hope you are cute - I suspect you are.

    I want a dog now. x

    1. Millie is away from the keyboard at the moment but I can confirm that she is both cute and adorable, which also means she gets away with all sorts!

      Thank you for visiting the blog again, lovely to have another comment from you! Happy New Year x

  2. Millie, you are a bit of a stinker for sure although you are trying to be helpful. I think you should tell us more about your days, or your Mummy's. It's quite delightful to hear your side of things! :)

    1. Hello, thank you for stopping by the blog! I'm sure I will invite Millie to guest post again soon - I'm sure she will have lots to say about her first holiday next week!