Sunday, 16 February 2014

back on track

February 9th

35. After a very long afternoon at my Grandad's whilst The Husband fixed his computer (the benefits of being married to a technophile) we managed to squeeze in a walk with Millie before it went dark. It was good to get some fresh air after hours huddled round a monitor, and from the looks of this shot as we headed back home we timed it just right.

36. One of the benefits of having a birthday party at home is the leftover cake. After getting back home we curled up on the sofa and I tucked into a tasting platter of cakes with some tea. Ever the traditionalist, the victoria sponge was my favourite!

February 10th

37. This was my birthday, and The Husband and I took the day off work. I decided a few years ago that, whenever possible, I would take my birthday off work, and luckily my job at the moment allows me to do that. I reasoned that as a birthday only comes once a year, even if it isn't a "special" one, it is a good opportunity to celebrate, even just having a leisurely lunch with close family provides a lovely break from the norm.

38. All the way home I tried to capture the beautiful sunset through the car window, but failed miserably every time. This is the best of a bad bunch, with plenty of filtering in an attempt to make it look artistic rather than amateur!

February 11th

39. The house is filled with flowers as I got several bunches for my birthday. Whilst roses are my favourites, I do love daffodils at this time of year. They manage to break through the gloom of winter. They are usually cheap to buy too, so I can get lots of bunches and fill the house with colour.

40. I spotted these lamps on Ella Masters' post a few weeks ago, where she showed the green version. They were exactly what I was looking for for our newly decorated study (which is still a work in progress, but I will post about when finished!). I suggested the desk lamp and floor lamp as possible present ideas to my mum who generally asks on behalf of the whole family! I was thrilled to receive a lamp from my brothers and then the set was complete when my mum and stepdad bought us another desk lamp and the floor lamp. We are thrilled with how they look, and were very lucky, as they went out of stock the day after my birthday, and it would have been such a shame to have missed out on them.

12th February

41. As I climbed into bed realised I had forgotten my photos! This was the tag from my new birthday pyjamas which was lying on the bedside table. I wasn't altogether sure what pyjamas that are "reminiscent of southern France" should look like but they are very lovely!

42. The Husband bought me a new digital camera for my birthday, having listened to me lament the lack of memory on my phone, and the difficulty of uploading pictures to the blog. This little beauty has a wifi link, and a built in photo editor, and I'm determined to get to grips with it, and use it for future photos. The bluetooth kit he bought me for Christmas is sadly unused as I haven't taken the time to learn how to use it yet, and I have promised not to let this go the same way!

February 13th

43. The moon was high on one side of the street as I left work...

44. ... whilst the sun was setting on the other. It looked like two completely different skies, and was a nice way to finish the two photos a day, as I have officially managed to catch back up! Hurrah!

February 14th

45. For Valentine's Day and The Husband and I cooked ourselves a new recipe for dinner (soy and honey cod with noodles) and had a quiet night in together, with Millie too.

February 15th

46. The red roses The Husband bought me for Valentine's Day. I normally prefer white or pink, but I'm a sucker for classic romance so these were perfect.


  1. happy belated birthday, quite right to celebrate it regardless, we all deserve a treat at least once a year. How great your family all pull together to buy you something you actually want.

    1. thank you! and thanks for stopping by the new blog as well - hope to keep seeing you over there!

  2. That's super - hurrah for getting such perfect lamps. I love the idea about what could make pyjamas reminiscent of southern France!

    1. the study is pretty much finished now, so I am writing this by the light of one of the lamps (not wearing the pyjamas though!). Thanks for commenting - feel free to visit me over at my new blog sometime!