Sunday, 9 February 2014

still having fun

February 1st

19. The coffee and hot chocolate after our walk with the dog. I posted this last week for my first photo of February as I contemplated how to join back in with 365.

20. I liked the sight of my shoes on the floor in my Grandad's lounge, as I curled up on the sofa drinking tea. The sense of feeling right at home, and the scruffy trainers discarded on the carpet, took me right back to being the baby of the family.

February 2nd

21. A Sunday afternoon relaxing in front of the fire with Millie.

22. Fish for dinner, which is a rare occurrence in our house. The Husband isn't a fan of fish usually, but for some reason he decided to rustle this up, he said because he felt guilty for giving me his cold. He was obviously proud of his presentation, telling me to take a picture as he brought it to the table.

February 3rd

23. Got to work before eight, so obviously it was going to be a good day, except for feeling rotten. The porridge and huge mug of tea helped wake me up as I cleared through emails and got myself organised before the influx of people on a Monday morning.

24. The book I have picked for this months the year in books. I have had it on the shelf for ages, a present from my older, cooler cousin who likes to educate me on all things cultural.

February 4th

25. Feeling wiped out by the grotty cold but Millie was still full of beans. As I padded round the house in my pyjamas feeling sorry for myself she decided a game of fetch would be the perfect remedy.

26. Struggling for something to photograph (can you tell?!) I had a few goes at taking a picture of this tangerine. In real life I liked the curl of the leaf, but I couldn't manage to capture it. Still find myself struggling with taking pictures I feel proud of.

February 5th

27. The pale pink roses in the hallway proving a pretty distraction from the pile of post accumulating on the table. Easier to smile at the flowers than sort through the paperwork.

28. The tulips were a beautiful colour, a lavender grey that I haven't seen before, but on my cameraphone (my photography is very low tech) they looked washed out. In the end I gave up trying for a close up, but liked this picture, it gave a sense of them, soothing somehow.

February 6th

29. I took this picture to send to The Husband. I rarely buy lunch, but had gone out today, and got this from the shop near work (as well as some food I hasten to add). It reminded me of a trip to London, last year I think, where we stopped at a tiny cafe for a drink, perched on a bench outside in the sun. The Husband appeared with this and a chocolate cupcake covered in pink sprinkles. The woman at the other end of the bench smiled, told me The Husband was a good one. I knew she was right, for lots of reasons.

30. A last minute photo, having nearly forgotten. I quite liked the reflection of the coaster through the water though.

February 7th

31. I seem to have gone down the route of drinks and dogs this week. On a night at a quiz with my closest friend and her family. I realised I hadn't taken any pictures today so this is what was in front of me.

32. I did like this on the label. Funny what you can see when you look closer.

February 8th

33. We had a party at home for my birthday, which is on Monday. Millie got a birthday bath in the morning. 

34. The efforts of being washed had obviously exhausted her, and this was before the party began! I completely forgot to take any pictures of the party, not even the table of cakes, or the glasses of fizz, or the beautiful flowers and candles everywhere. I was obviously too busy enjoying myself though, which must be a good thing.


  1. I love the abundance of dog photos in your weekly round up this week. she is gorgeous. They manage to look so tragic when they are having a bath. I agree that roses are much nicer to look at than piles of post. Pellegrino cans are so photogenic I absolutely agree. Almost too good to throw away/recycle.

    1. i feel like she is sometimes my fall-back subject, but she is very easy to take pictures of! I had never noticed how pretty the pellegrino cans were before, that is what I love about this project!!

  2. yum to the coffee and the sanpelligrino i love the grapefruit one best. Your shot of the rose is beautiful

    1. thank you so much for visiting, and for your comment! I tried the grapefruit but went back to the lemon. I saw blood orange the other day I may well give that a go next time!!!

  3. beautiful collection of images, I love how you wear your shoes like me, the laces not as they should be x

    1. thank you so much for stopping by! I always wear my laces like that, definitely makes me feel fourteen again! x